“Intriguing and heartfelt, readers won’t be able to put it down...”

When thirty-five-year-old Sonja Wasden is involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital by her husband and father, she is sure it is a mistake. A mother of three, living in a beautiful suburb, Sonja’s life appears ideal.

How did she get here?

In a gripping and breathtaking narrative that makes the reader feel as though they are listening in on a private conversation, Sonja tells the compelling true account of her struggle with depression, mania, an eating disorder, suicide, marriage, and motherhood and the grit needed to live an impossible life.


Impossible Books

An Impossible Life
The Inspiring True Story of a Woman's Struggle from Within
A Possible Life
Now that Sonja has learned the skills to live a possible life, does she?
Coming soon
An Impossible Childhood
How does a Bipolar mom shape a child's life? Rachael shares her experience through a lovely and haunting collection of stories.
Coming soon
An Impossible Mother
After his mother's attempted suicide Lincoln was forced to leave home at the age of sixteen. This traumatic event that ripped through his life still left him unprepared for what was to come.
Coming soon

An Impossible Life:

“ This page-turning journey of illness, healing, and faith invites the reader into Sonja’s most private moments. The courageous and talented writing immediately pulls the reader into this vivid tale of love, dedication, and survival. ”

— Elizabeth W. Buko
English Teacher
Columbia, Missouri

“ A gripping and heartwarming story of pure grit, determination, and love. This story is a testament to one woman’s strength of will and devotion to her family. By the end, the reader almost feels like a member of the Wasden family, having been through so much with them. ”

— Andrea Stahr
Mother, Wife, Cancer Survivor
Portland, Oregon

“ An Impossible Life, is an honest look into the life of a family affected by mental illness. It is immediately engaging and will soften your heart to this largely misunderstood illness. Whether you are trying to better understand mental illness or struggling to discover the key for your own healing, this book is a gift that will help you find peace. ”

— Cory Siddoway
Mother, Wife, Science Teacher
Spokane, Washington

“ Being immersed behind the real-life scenes of Sonja’s mental health issues really took me for a ride! I couldn’t put the book down! It was a page turner and an easy read. You come away feeling her pain and her victories. She shares her innermost self which brought me laughter, tears, joy, and love! Sonja is one of a kind, and so is this book! ”

— Brook Candland
Mother, Wife
Mesa, Arizona



from the memoir: An Impossible Life

Wedding day
Mitch and Rachael
Mitch and Rachael
My Girl
My Girl
Tiger, The Cat
Tiger, The Cat
Fat Picture
Opa, Omi, and My Kids
My Childhood Home
My Dad and I
Boys playing in Dawn Soap
Alex Tennis
Alex Tennis
Lincoln Tennis
Lincoln Tennis
Picking up Tennis Balls
Worn out Tennis Shoes
Boys wore through shoes every 6 weeks
Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Gustav
Kids reading their Barnes & Noble books
Science Class, Homeschooling
Art History Class, Homeschooling
Heidi, Me, and Allyson
Mitch and I going to the hospital Cancer Gala
Best Friends
Rachael, the family photographer
Mitch, Me, and Lincoln on a family walk
Mitch, my boyfriend
My Safe Place
Living Life in my Bed
The photo I gave Mitch in his Get Well Soon card
My Stuffed Animals
Rachael and Brett’s Wedding
Rachael and Brett’s Wedding
Rachael and Brett's Wedding
Alexander and Kelsie’s Wedding
Alexander and Kelsie’s Wedding
Alexander and Kelsie’s Wedding
Alexander and Kelsie’s Wedding
My Tribe
Retirement Diamond Bracelet


Rachael Siddoway portrait
Rachael Siddoway graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Art Education. She started writing novels at the age of twelve and hasn’t stopped drafting new book ideas since.
Sonja Wasden portrait
Sonja Wasden graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Humanities. She married in 1992 and worked as a homemaker, caring for her three children.


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