“Siddoway tackles the impact of mental illness on marriage in her moving memoir, a follow-up to An Impossible Life. Despite such a painful topic, Siddoway effectively draws readers in with rare fluency and power, highlighting both the unequivocal love between her parents and their exhaustive crusade to take back their lives. This gut-wrenching examination of one family’s tenacity in the face of debilitating mental illness is a lighthouse of hope.”


“The brave and vital work of this family to share their individual and shared stories so openly and without reservation is a gift to all readers. An Impossible Wife is a moving story of love, heartbreak, and the impacts of mental illness on every member of the family.”


“An emotional account of how Mitch and Sonja’s marriage remained a true love story—one in which they encountered and overcame extraordinary challenges. Throughout the work, Siddoway’s writing is journalistically precise and confessionally candid in its revelations. As a result, this book is not only an impressively nuanced depiction of mental illness, but also a moving account of an inextinguishable love. An affecting work about maintaining devotion amid life’s difficulties.”


“I loved getting the backstory of Sonja and Mitch’s love story and seeing how their relationship evolved along with the disease. This book was eye-opening to the daily struggles of everyone involved when there is mental illness in a family. The ending brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing that their love was strong enough to withstand everything they had been through and continue to go through. This was very well-written and thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing this story with me!”


“This is a vulnerable story and I know it takes a lot to share. But it is phenomenal that you guys are, thank you! The writing is captivating which adds to the desire to want to read this series. I didn’t want to put it down. I really feel like talking about mental health and actual experiences will break open many other souls to find solutions faster. Great job!”


“I liked that this book combines well with An Impossible Life to give the reader a clearer understanding of bipolar disorder and how each member of the family was affected. I really appreciate that Sonja and Mitch are so honest in telling their stories. That takes courage!”


“By the end of the first book I was blown away by Mitch. I couldn’t understand how he made it through. I really appreciated knowing more of his thought process and reasons for fighting for his marriage that I got from this book. It was enlightening!”


“I could not put the book down! Mitch’s struggles were well written and easy to identify with. Engaging!”