Q&A With the Authors 

While Mitch has many flaws, he has unwaveringly stood by Sonja’s side, and that is what Sonja and Rachael chose to highlight in the book. Mitch is an extremely private person, but shared as much as he did to support Sonja’s mental health advocacy. Sonja chose to be completely open, unfiltered and raw about her life experiences, but that is not expected, nor should it be, for her loved ones.

Probably not. Alexander is extremely private, like his father, and Lincoln is still in the healing process with Sonja.

Many editors wanted to combine chapters or add more content. Sonja was insistent that the chapters remained fast-paced and sometimes disorienting to mimic aspects of bipolar disorder. To keep the series consistent, the other books follow a similar feel.

An Impossible Wife without question. I re-wrote that entire book 5 different times because of how painful it was for my mother and father to re-live those moments. How and what should be shared was a constant conversation. It almost didn’t get published.

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Sonja Wasden
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Rachael Siddoway

“Siddoway writes with sensitivity, able to combine credible, touching moments.” – U.S. Review of Books